The El Carmel Barcelona Bunker Renegade Rave
August 14, 2019
Last night we literally pulled off probably the most surreal, craziest thing that without a doubt each and every single one of us had experienced in our entire lives... and we're still trying to come to terms with what and how it all went down. It all started when we unexpectedly bumped into Connor Mac at Brunch on Sunday, which also coincidentally coincided with the Emergence compilation that he features on and was released via Recovery Collective the next day - so I invited him along to join us for an adventure, hang out and spin some tunes for us. Monday we spent the day driving around the city of Barcelona to various lookout points, sussing out a sick location for us to film our next feature set. We found some amazing spots but nothing really resonated too much and we were quite hungry for something super special. As the day started to pass by, the sun started to come down and we were running out of time. We needed to act soon if we wanted to run with this opportunity. We made our way over to the hilltop ruins, the Bunkers of Carmel. Built as anti-aircraft fortifications in 1938 during the Spanish Civil War and now have become one the most scenic viewpoints in Barcelona. Our van isn't exactly small, so finding a place to park and carry our equipment in was the first mission. We jumped out, grabbed something each and hiked up the hill. We arrived at the top and there were people everywhere, security and all - which of course did make things quite difficult. We walked around the bunkers and found a pretty cool spot, were approached by security (which also did not speak a word of English might I add) who obviously saw a group of people lugging around speakers and equipment and obviously wasn't a fan. Luckily enough one of our friends that was with us saved the day with his "broken" Spanish and the guy told us we had 20 minutes. Boom. There's our window of opportunity. It took us a little while to get things set up, especially when we had to run our own power and position a range of different camera angles etc. By the time we were done, we had obviously drawn a fair bit of attention to us from other people visiting the bunkers, and everyone was rather intrigued. Connor started with some really nice cruisey tunes which was perfect as we were completely unaware of how far we could push the volume. We kept it quite low but more and more people started to come and hang out, enjoy the sunset over the city and sip on some ice cold beers from some of the locals that were on the hustle with their little eskies. The vibe was already incredible, then the volume kept creeping up more and more. Luckily we were nestled right on the back side and trapped the sound surprisingly very very well. Many people throughout the night came up and told us they had been there for hours and didn't even realise we were here. We got away with about 2 hours worth of filming before it got too dark and battery life had diminished, then packed up the cameras. The security guard came over again and we were a bit worried he was going to tell us to turn the music off, he had his bag with him and it was the end of his shift. Again, another brief conversation and he gave us the thumbs up. All is good so we decided to leave the music going and Connor kept playing, why not right? The vibe grew more and more, and so did the dance floor. Full of pure magic and an unexplainable energy. Every single person that was there, stumbled across us unexpectedly and did not expect to be there, in that situation at all. It was real. It was authentic. It was as surreal as it gets. A nice blissful sunset above the city quickly turned into a full renegade rave with 360 panoramic views and us behind the steering wheel. There was no way we could even turn the music off, this was a legit once in a lifetime opportunity that may never ever happen again. What was just supposed to be a low key film shoot for the sunset from 8-10pm ran through to about 3am until the police finally arrived and shined their torches down onto us from above. You could feel the heart sink of every single person on that dance floor. We went straight to the decks and turned the music off, walked up to them and they pretty much just told us to make sure we clean up and move on. Within 30 seconds max they turned around, walked off, everyone cheered and whistled and this was the end of such a special experience that all will most definitely remember for the rest of their lives. The footage and everything is absolutely nuts, but not for your eyes just yet. Here's a shot of our location (if you zoom in on the bottom right corner you can see our spot with Connor wearing his green shirt! 🙂 The journey continues!
Jiayden Mills