Jiayden Mills
The Creative Powerhouse and Musical Savant. Jiayden is a DJ, Producer and label owner at one of Australia’s leading record labels, Recovery Collective. He never ceases to amaze and is well equipped with skills across industries including Design, Photography, Journalism and Event Management.
Jack Hargrave
Jacky Boy
Also known as Outback Jack or Jacky Boy. The backbone of all things on the ground, logistics and getting things done. Previous to RA, Jack ran a European travel company and camping hostel in Europe for many years, always loves getting down on the dancefloor and planning the next insane adventure for us all to explore.
Brenton Chan
One who never fails to see the positives in every situation and solves problems like a boss. Keeping our dreams on track to becoming a reality, and not afraid to spin a sexy house tune or two. His ear for music is exceptional and his taste is pure. We couldn’t have made it this far without our good mate Chan. The peoples man!
Doug Sykes
It’s a rarity to see this man without a smile from ear to ear. A pure heart of gold and the ladies man who stuck by our side from the very beginning, pivotal in getting the job done. Unfortunately he’s still stuck in Austria due to COVID-19 but we will be reunited with our brother soon!
Jonathan Orrell
An absolute gun behind the camera and the whiz behind our editing. He has an eye and attention to detail like nobody else, and is the right man for any job! He brings a cool, quirky personality to the team, and doesn’t mind a bit of banter.