The origins of Rhythm Abroad begins with 3 close friends coming from different life paths, each hosting a unique range of skills & experiences.

They have been drawn together through their mutual deep rooted passion & inspiration for music, travel and experience. The mission is simple. Channel this passion and deliver the highest possible experience for our fellow adventurers to enjoy.

Jiay is the creative powerhouse and music savant has deep roots in the music scene in both Australia and Internationally. Alongside his partner Ben, he is the founder of one of Australia’s most established house & techno labels Recovery Collective.

He is a well established DJ and Producer and has been a respected selection across the Australian Festival scene. Jiay spent 3 seasons back to back on the island of Ibiza working and learning in the music scene there. He has also traveled extensively throughout Europe on multiple occasions. The guy that brings the music expertise to Rhythm Abroad and with that gives it its creative edge what no other travel brand has.

Jack is the visionary & travelling globe trotter has a wealth of experience in countries and dance floors all across the globe.

His expertise in having a good time, his highly tuned ear and his passion for curating and bringing unique experience to his friends and fellow adventurers alike combine at Rhythm Abroad Core.

This is one of the key drivers that continuously equips the Rhythm Abroad Community with the freshest and most meaningful experiences.

Brenton, has a passion for connection through people, music & experience. This passion mixed with his background in Business & Management Consulting brings a unique and valuable set of skills to the Rhythm Abroad Family.

He is also an established DJ in his own rights, this man has graced some of the most iconic dance floors in Melbourne. His passion helps drive Rhythm Abroad to deliver only the most organised and highly curated trips.